Home Food Allergy Test Kit – Understanding Food Allergies and Its Different Types

Food allergy is stated to be an adverse effect which occurs, when it is perceived by the human body that harm is caused due to intake of some type of food. It is termed to be an immune reaction towards food antigens. Basically, three major kinds of food allergies are known to exist. There is a need to know how the different immune reaction types to food antibodies are to be differentiated and for this one can make use of home food allergy test kit.

The main three allergy types are classified below:

  • Asymptomatic allergy type 1: Asymptomatic food allergy type 1 is characterized by IgG4 anti bodies. Rather than developing IgE, IgG4 anti bodies are created by the immune system because of different factors. Delayed reaction is what is associated with it and hardly any symptoms are experienced by the patient common to allergies. IgG4 capacity towards releasing histamines can be stated to be weak and inflammatory reaction is not noticed. IgG4 is regarded to be an IgE antidote. However, to detect food reactions, one cannot recommend IgG4.
  • Acute Symptomatic allergy type 1: It is to IgE antibodies that the allergy is attributed to. The symptoms occur instantly after consuming the concerned food. IgE reaction is immediate and they might cause obvious allergic reactions. IgE antibodies are known to attach themselves to mastocytes or mast cells and basophils within specific body tissues and parts like lungs, nose, throat, gastrointestinal tract and the skin. It results in having huge amounts of histamine to be released, thereby causing allergic reactions such as itching, sneezing, stomach cramps, inflammation, and also blood pressure.
  • Delayed allergy type 3: IgG4 is not the predominant antibody here, which might be IgG3, IgG1 or IgG triggering allergic symptoms that can be noticed 3 days after a particular food is consumed with antigens. In case, early diagnosing is not done, then it can become chronic. A good percentage of population across the globe is affected with this allergy type. As certain food is not tolerated by the body, an inflammatory response is produced by the body and with constant consumption of specific food, after few days, physical symptoms are likely to appear. If suffered for prolonged time, chronic diseases like IS or diabetes type II may occur. The other symptoms noticed are migraines, headaches, skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, high blood pressure, body weight, gastrointestinal ailments, etc.

The three allergy types have been characterized by different kinds of immunoglobulin antibodies, having different symptoms. Using a reliable home food allergy test kit, can help to determine the allergy.

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