At Home Allergy Test Kit: Helping to Identify and Avoid Food Allergies

According to researches conducted, millions of people across the globe have been facing food allergies. One out of every thirteen children under the age of 18 has been affected by food allergies. Approximately, there are about 8 different foods which make up around 90% of food allergies. It includes milk, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, fish, etc. Medical practitioners do offer allergy testing as well as proper treatment to remove the allergy reaction. Using a good quality, at home allergy test kit can help you to stay informed on time.

Making life miserable

It is not easy to live with food   allergies, if food allergen traces are found in most of the regular foods. You have to go through the ingredients of the food packages to make sure that the product you select to consume is free from allergens. Having a good at home allergy test kit can prove to be more than useful to stay alert!

Food allergy symptoms

Reactions which people generally have towards food allergies can be termed to be somewhat different when compared to those having seasonal allergies. Even if a food item having some amount of allergen, when consumed could possibly result in swelling of lips, hives and/or anaphylaxis. At times, it may also cause death. In case, itchiness, rashes, difficulty in breathing after consuming food and swelling is noticed, you possibly may be having allergic reactions.

Identifying proactively food allergies

Besides, making use of at home allergy test kit for evaluating the present condition to seek better medical and alternative treatments, you are to follow some steps to be taken.

  • Avoid processed foods. Refresh your diet list and start consuming whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, lentils and grains. Fasts food, packaged and processed foods are to be avoided.
  • Probiotics are to be consumed in plenty for healing your gut. Also, bone broth can prove to be useful. Sugar, artificial flavors and sweeteners and carbs when consumed in plenty can wreak havoc on your stomach.
  • Have your meals rotated to have something fresh and different each time you eat. Having the same food repeatedly, may only increase the chance of inducing food allergy. Rotation of food can help promote good and healthy eating habits.
  • Allergy testing is to be performed periodically, if you are facing symptoms and ensure it is not aggravated.

A certified physician can definitely assist you to determine the cause, type of allergy and provide prompt and timely treatment.

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